Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scarlet Shaded Truth

Upon this estate which all are destined to meet.
I as well have been an attendant.
The essence of beauty while looking in, a colorful gate protected by rainbows.
Send me the blessings from the East, an expanse of mystery awaits.
For that which this separate entity contains;
We find complexities unfold.

O ye maiden of time confined to this mansion of old.
Set aside your desires and put forth the will of others and clean, clean, clean.
An eternity of size is but nothing to one who circumvents reality.

Cruel winged mistress who owns this place, shall your servants ever free?
With silken glove, and lavender hair, how is it you are so fair?
Fury within, seeds of destruction are sewn by a fiery and selfish temperament.
A scarlet child with etiquette, who's instincts call for blood;
Can you realize the pain you bring?

Librarian of this devils reside, tell me of your world.
Let me see the expanse that stretches to infinity as you have seen more than I,
Even though this room you never leave.
Stretch out to me your superior knowledge, yet you I shall never understand.
Even with a body so feeble, still you retain the upper-hand.
I cannot see through your shadow.

In the depths of such a world we descent into a nightmare, where a stranger evil sleeps.
Humans are but a mere plaything, to the child of hell.
Wings so beautiful, yet merely fake just like your reality.
“What is my reality, what exists outside of this pit?”
“Oh dear sister, I want your love. It is a message I'm denied relay.”
A diabolic wave consumes your senses, as you lose yourself to discord.
“Insanity has depraved my emotions, forever zero is my fate.”

Bountiful Horrors
Remain untold, Welcome to
The Scarlet Mansion

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