Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun with Words

"A Land Many Have Already Discovered"
I come across a world settled atop a mountain of faith,
And cast my anchor down.
All the while I feel my power is missing while in this place
Its Immaterial existence enthralls me.
Tell me the story of a Eastern wonderland.
A magnificent story occurring in the land of Lotus;
And how their gods are highly responsive to prayers.
At the mystic square we rest under a perfect cherry blossom tree.
My eyes grow heavy, as I drift off to sleep;
Awaking to find the night here is imperishable.
I recall horror, the embodiment of scarlet devil herself.
This thought is miniscule in its call for my alert,
as I find myself encased by the rhapsody of harsh weather.
In such a precise manner it does strike me, that my belief becomes that of animism as I ponder,
"Surely such life force stretches down to the subterranean levels in a place such as this."
All too soon my thoughts are answered,
When I view a patch of flowers sending phantasmagorical images at me.
Telling me the story of what life is like,
remaining forever stationary.
Yet while these Unthinkable natural laws destroy my ability to perceive
I remain ignorant to the undefined, yet, fantastic object on the horizon.
As the scarlet child returns home.

I made this because I felt that some people get held back from writing because the person focuses too much on how other people think it will sound, or even how they feel that the images will form in other people's minds. Yet you can create beautiful images by taking just the ordinary things around you and chaining them together with some word play.

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